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Katharine Anderson

Visiting Scholar (Jul 2018)

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Faculty, York University

Katharine Anderson is a historian of science (PhD Northwestern, 1995) who has been on faculty in the Department of Humanities at York University in Toronto since 1996, after a postdoc in HPS department at Cambridge. She has held visiting appointments at Harvard and University of British Columbia, and has served as book review editor for Isis. Her scholarly interests include the history of weather and climate, Victorian scientific exploration narratives, and the present and future of science museums. She supervises graduate students through graduate programs in STS, Humanities, and History. Her current research project examines the oceans in the early twentieth century as a site of scientific research. It explores several expeditions of the inter-war period to understand the place of the oceans in the development of scientific practices and disciplines, asking how ideas about the oceans shaped and were shaped by the technological, political, and cultural shifts after World War I. In addition to her historical studies, she is engaged in an ethnographic study of the re-building of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum (2015–2017) in Ottawa that considers the changing role of artifacts in the contemporary museum.


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Oceans and Expeditions Between the Wars


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

"Eiffel and the Weather"

Weak Knowledge: Forms, Functions and Dynamics, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main

"Beebe in Haiti in 1927: Making a Model Natural History Expedition"

History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

"Bringing the Great War Home"

Archives of Ontario: Public History in a Globalized Toronto, Toronto, ON

"The weather Ship: Networks, Disasters, and Imaginaries 1945–1960"

Weather Climate and the Geographical Imagination, Nottingham, UK

"Experimenting with the Expedition: Renewing the Ocean Sciences after World War I"

Ritter Fellow Public Lecture Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA