John Christie

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2015-Dez 2015)

PhD, History Faculty University of Oxford, Senior Research Fellow & Research Supervisor, History & Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds

Research interests include intellectual and social history of early modern science; history of alchemy and chemistry to 1800, historiographies of science, science and literature, physics in relation to modernism and postmodernism, the nature of Enlightenment in Scotland and England and the place of science within it. Current projects include a study of Joseph Priestley and the "Socinian Enlightenment," and participation in two related conference and publication collaborative research projects, "Sites of Chemistry, C17th-C20th," and "Situating Chemistry, 1760-1840." Undergraduate education and doctoral research University of Edinburgh 1965–1973; teaching, research and administrative career Division of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds 1973–2007 (Chair, HPS Division; Director of Research, Dept. of Philosophy). Currently Research Affiliate, HPS, University of Leeds; Associate Research Fellow, Centre for History of Medicine, University of Warwick; and since 2008, member of The Faculty of History of The University of Oxford. 2017 Cain Conference Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia.


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Early Modern Historiography of Science and Medicine


The Observational Regimes of pre-Lavoisian Chemistry in the Eighteenth Century