Henri Lesourd in front of a book shelf

Henri Lesourd

IT Architect (Jan 2020-Mar 2020)

Henri Lesourd has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Paris 6, and was involved as a researcher and research engineer in several projects at the Saarland University (especially in the context of developing user interfaces to various intelligent mathematical assistants, and of developing interactive educational software for language learning), and at Nordisk Folkecenter for Renewable Energies (in the context of contributing to the development of hardware/software to enable remote sensing and control of wind turbines).

Henri's role at the institute is to pursue the design and implementation of a digital infrastructure that will allow the integration of various academic works on protected digitized historical sources into one working environment.

Henri's main research interest revolves around creating software that can be manipulated and modified by non IT-experts, and studying the various problems related to the development of a technology which is easy to appropriate for its recipients.