Hadi Joráti

Visiting Scholar (Mai 2018-Jun 2018)

PhD, Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, ollege of Arts and Sciences, The Ohio State University, USA

Hadi Jorati is Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at the Ohio State University, and a Visiting Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.

Jorati specializes in the social and intellectual history of the Islamic Civilization, with particular attention to the textual nuances of the manuscript tradition, and philological intricacies of the three classical languages of the Islamic tradition. Jorati's research is concerned with the world of Medieval Islam, with occasional forays into the Late Antique or Pre-modern period, and focuses on various aspects of the interaction between scholar and society - topics within this genre include education, institutions of learning, scholarly circles, scholarly correspondence, movement of scholars, and court patronage. 

Currently, Jorati is working on a monograph focusing on certain social aspects of the career of the thirteenth century Scholar Nasir al-Din Tusi, his political alliances, and the lines of patronage sought. This study also includes the first attempt to reconstruct the intellectual milieu of Maragha observatory complex. 

Jorati's other ongoing projects include, in social history of science: i) revisiting Umar Khayyam's mathematical career, and ii) the Anwa' tradition as the Arabic science of the stars, and in Medieval Islamic history: i) Ilkhanid historiography in light of textual criticism, ii) the roots of Ilkhan-Mamluk military engagement during the Bahri period, and iii) the Persian secretarial families of greater Khurasan. More broadly he also researches various aspects of the Persianate heritage of the Indian subcontinent, and Central Asia, in the Pre-modern period.

Hadi Jorati holds degrees in Mathematics (Princeton University; MA, PhD), Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Yale University, MA, MPhil, PhD), and Medieval Studies (Medieval History) (Yale University; MPhil).


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The Maragha Observatory Complex in Ilkhanid Iran


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Thematic Cluster: Materiality, Language, Translation


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23rd International Congress of Middle East studies Association DAVO: “Patronizing Twelver Shi’ism: Religious Authority and Worldly Powers”

Eberhardt-Karl-Universitat Tübingen, Germany

“Persian Historiography Through the Looking Glass: Juwayni's Jahangusha and the Birth of
a Canon”

Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

“The Primary Sources for the History of the Khwarazmian Empire: A Re-appraisal”

226th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society, Boston, MA

“Intertextual Interconnections: the Case of the Ilkhanid-Mamluk Historiography”

Arabic Pasts: Histories and Historiography, SOAS, University of London

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Alumnus Hadi Jorati in einer BBC-Dokumentation über die iranische Mathematikerin Maryam Mirzakhani