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Han Cheng

Visiting Scholar (Jun 2023-Sep 2025)

Prof. Dr.

Han Cheng is a Max Weber Foundation research fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, and an assistant professor at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received his PhD in Geography from the University of Cambridge, and was previously a visiting scholar at Yale University’s MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies.

At the MPIWG, Han is a member of the Lise Meitner Research Group "China in the Global System of Science." His current book project examines the recent (re)emergence of China’s development studies and area studies in light of its global "rise". More broadly, his research explores the spatial politics and non-western geographies of knowledge. He has published in Progress in Human GeographyDialogues in Human GeographyPolitical GeographyGeopolitics, Territory, Politics, Governance, and Area Development and Policy.


Overseas Development, Foreign Areas and Chinese "World-Writing"


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