Guoqing Yang

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2020-Feb 2022)

Guoqing Yang worked as the director of the research and exhibition department at the Nanjing City Wall Museum (PR China). He has spent many years examining the Nanjing city wall of the early Ming Dynasty. His special interest lies in the construction process, fortification system, and brick inscriptions of the Nanjing city wall. He teaches at Nanjing University.


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Zhu Yuanzhang and the Nanjing City Wall: Knowledge of Astronomy and Divination


Selected Publications

Yang Guoqing 杨国庆 (2024). Zhai zhong tu da: Zhu Yuanzhang yu Nanjing yingzao 宅中图大: 朱元璋与南京营造. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju.

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Yang Guoqing 杨国庆, ed. (2017). Zhongguo gu chengqiang 中国古城墙 [Ancient city walls in China]. Nanjing: Jiangsu renmin chubanshe.

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Yang Guoqing 杨国庆 and Wang Zhigao  王志高 (2008). Nanjing chengqiang zhi 南京城墙志 [Nanjing chengqiang annals]. Nanjing: Fenghuang chubanshe.

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Yang Guoqing 杨国庆 (2008). Nanjing chengqiang zhuanwen 南京城墙砖文 [Brick inscriptions of the Nanjing city wall]. Nanjing: Nanjing shifan daxue chubanshe.

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