Gina Surita smiling into the camera

Gina Surita

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Mar 2021-Aug 2021)

Gina Surita is a PhD candidate in the Program in History of Science at Princeton University. Her research focuses on the intersection of the modern life, chemical, and biomedical sciences. At the MPIWG, Gina is working on her dissertation project, which examines the history of bioenergetics and metabolism research in twentieth-century biochemistry. She is a member of Lisa Onaga’s “Proteins and Fibers” Working Group in Dept. III. Gina’s research has been supported by various institutions, including the American Philosophical Society and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Center for Humanities & History of Modern Biology.


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The Energetics of the “Muscle Machine”: From Isolated Muscle to Proteins, Fibers, and Filaments