Giuditta Parolini

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Mar 2020-Jul 2020)

Giuditta Parolini holds an MSc in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology from Imperial College London and a PhD in Science, Technology, and Humanities from the University of Bologna. She is currently a research assistant at the TU Berlin, funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Her research project investigates the history of agricultural meteorology in the first half of the twentieth century with a special interest in the role of observation and experiment in agricultural meteorology. While visiting the MPIWG, she will be working on a multilanguage bibliography of publications on agricultural meteorology printed between 1900 and 1950. The bibliographic data will be used to identify main authors, publication outlets, and popular themes in this interdisciplinary research field.


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Studying Agricultural Meteorology Through its Publications: Investigating the Creation of an Interdisciplinary Research Field Through Bibliographic Data


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