Gideon Manning

Affiliated Scholar (Jun 2023-Jul 2023)

Gideon Manning received his PhD from the University of Chicago in 2006 with a dissertation titled “Descartes’s Philosophy of Biology.” He has served on the faculty at the College of William and Mary, California Institute of Technology, and Claremont Graduate University, and is currently Associate Professor of History of Medicine and Humanities at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, where he directs the Cedars-Sinai Program in the History of Medicine. A past associate editor of HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science and now book reviews editor at Annals of Science, Gideon has been supported by several research institutions and societies, including the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which funded a research year as a student at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Broadly interested in the dialogue between medicine, philosophy, and science, especially during the early modern period (1500–1750), Gideon’s current research examines the oversized role of cardiovascular science in seventeenth-century neuroscience.  In addition, he is working on the evolving measures of surgical success; and he is preparing a critical edition of Louis de La Forge’s Treatise on the Spirit of Man using a previously unknown manuscript translation from the library of Robert Hooke.


  • Anna Marie Roos and Gideon Manning, ed., Collected Wisdom of the Early Modern Scholar (Springer, 2023)

  • Gideon Manning, “Women, Medicine, and the Life Sciences” in The Routledge Handbook for Woman and Early Modern European Philosophy, ed. Lisa Shapiro and Karen Detlefson (Routledge, 2023)

  • Gideon Manning, “Cartesian Medicine: Past, Present and Future” in Descartes and Medicine: A System with Obscurities and Light, ed. Fabrizio Baldassari (Brepols, 2023)

  • Gideon Manning, “Circulation and the New Physiology” in The Cambridge History of Philosophy of the Scientific Revolution, ed David M. Miller and Dana Jalobeanu (Cambridge, 2022)

  • James Wilberding and Gideon Manning, “The World-Soul and Spontaneous Generation” in World-Soul: A History, ed. James Wilberding (Oxford, 2021)


The Cardiovascular Origins of Early Modern Neuroscience


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Comparative Guts, Renaissance Anatomy to the Pathology Revolution

Cluster of Excellence Roots

Vedere l’anatomia tra letteratura e arti: parole, immagini e spazi dalla prima età moderna, Art and Nature in Anatomy: Analogy as a Way of Knowing

Università della Svizzera italiana

Medical History and Bioethics Colloquium, Understanding Early Modern Images: Cartesian Physiology and the Grammer of Anatomcial Illustration

University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Early Modern Reception of Galen’s Pharmacology, Remarks on Galen in the Pharmacology of the Iatromechanists

Centre for the Study of Medicine in the Renaissance

Department of Philosophy Colloquium Series, René Descartes and the Iconogrpahy of Action

University of Pennsylvania