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Eric Schatzberg

Visiting Scholar (Jan 2017-Jul 2017)

PhD, Professor in History of Science, University of Wisconsin Madison

Eric Schatzberg is Professor in the Department of the History of Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he specializes in the history of technology. His work has focused on problems of technical choice, along with the cultural and intellectual history of technology. His most recent work is a history of the concept of technology and its predecessors, soon to appear with University of Chicago Press.  This book frames the history of the concept of technology around a tension between instrumental and cultural views of technology.  The book traces this tension from its roots in ancient Greece into the mid-twentieth century, when technology became a powerful keyword.


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The Hermeneutics of Judgment and Critiques of Technology


Selected Publications

Schatzberg, Eric (2018). Technology: Critical History of a Concept. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press.

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Schatzberg, Eric (2013). “Why airplanes fly : the strong programme and the theory of lift.” Metascience 22: 611–616.

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Schatzberg, Eric (2012). “From art to applied science.” Isis 103 (3): 555–563.

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Schatzberg, Eric and Carl Mitcham (2009). “Defining technology and the engineering sciences.” In Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences, ed. A. Meijers, 27–64. Amsterdam [u.a.]: Elsevier.

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Thematic Cluster: Histories of Planning—Art of Judgment & Scale and Scope