profile picture of David A. Bello (wearing a suit and glasses)

David A. Bello

Visiting Scholar (Mai 2017-Jul 2017)

PhD, Associate Professor of History, Director of East Asian Studies, Washington and Lee University

David A. Bello received his PhD from the University of Southern California and is currently Professor of East Asian History at Washington and Lee University. His main research interest is environmental and borderland history, involving relations between natural systems, ethnic identity, and imperial space, during China's last dynasty, the Qing (1644–1912). His first book Opium and the Limits of Empire: Drug Prohibition in the Chinese Interior, 1729-1850, was published in 2005 by the Harvard Council on East Asian Studies. His new book, Across Forest, Steppe and Mountain: Environment, Identity and Empire in Qing China's Borderlands, was published in 2016 by Cambridge University Press, in its "Studies in Environment and History" series. His current project is entitled Liquid Dependencies: Water & Authority in Qing Borderlands (18th–19th Centuries)


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Completed Projects

The Ethological Theodicy of Locust Infestation in Early Modern China