Claudia Stein

Visiting Scholar (Mai 2017)

Dr. phil., Associate Professor in the History of Medicine, University of Warwick

Claudia Stein received her DPhil in History from the University of Stuttgart and MPhil in History from the Friedrich Wilhelm University at Bonn. She teaches in the Department of History at the University of Warwick and works on the cultural, social, and intellectual history of science and medicine from the Renaissance to today. She has written on the concepts of the body and disease in the sixteenth century (Die Behandlung der Franzosenkrankheit in der Frühen Neuzeit am Beispiel Augsburgs (Steiner, 2003); and Negotiating the French Pox in Early Modern Germany (Ashgate, 2009). In collaboration with Roger Cooter she has published on the world of visual imagery and epidemics (e.g., Aids) and the concept of biopower. Several of these articles as well as some ones will be (re)-published in Roger Cooter with Claudia Stein, Writing History in the Age of Biomedicine (Yale University Press, summer 2013). The themes of visual culture, medicine, and capitalism will be further developed in her projects, The Spectacle of Hygiene: Capitalism and Visual Culture in Britain and Germany, 1880s-1930s (with Roger Cooter). In her second book project, The Birth of Biopower in Eighteenth-Century Germany, Stein explores the usefulness of Foucault’s concept of biopower for the analysis of eighteenth-century forms of governance.


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Medicalization at the Intersection of the History of Psychology and the History of Education


The "Birth" of Biopower in Eighteenth-Century Germany


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Unusual Lives: Historicizing Life as a Problem of Knowledge