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Christian Schwägerl

Journalist in Residence (Jan 2017-Feb 2017)


Christian Schwägerl is a journalist and book author. He served as a culture and science staff correspondent for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Berlin (2001–2008) and as a political correspondent for DER SPIEGEL (2008–2012) before deciding to become a freelance writer. He has written several books; “Menschenzeit” (published in German in 2010, and in a revised and updated English version in 2014 as "The Anthropocene" by Synergetic Press) helped to establish the Anthropocene Project (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, HKW). He also co-directed and co-curated the “Welcome to the Anthropocene” exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. His two other books are “11 Looming Wars,” on new conflict risks (2012, C. Bertelsmann Verlag, with A. Rinke) and “The Analogue Revolution” on the emergence of what he calls “technature” (Riemann, 2014). Most recently, Schwägerl co-founded RiffReporter (as in coral reef), a cooperative of Germany's leading freelance journalists in the fields of science, society, environment, and technology. At the MPIWG he is working on a project using Darwin's Reef Paradox as a model for media innovation.

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Christian Schwägerl, ehemaliger Journalist-in-Residence am MPIWG, über den Einfluss des Anthropozäns

Christian Schwägerl ist der neue Journalist-in-Residence am MPIWG

Christian Schwägerl ist der neue Journalist-in-Residence am MPIWG.