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Corine Pelluchon

Visiting Scholar (Apr 2023-Jun 2023)



Corine Pelluchon is a professor at the Université Gustave Eiffel (Paris region). A specialist in political philosophy and applied ethics (bioethics, philosophy of the environment, and animal ethics), she has also published on Leo Strauss, Levinas, and Paul Ricoeur. She developed a philosophy of corporeality with two parts, one centered on vulnerability, the other on our habitation of the Earth, which is always a cohabitation with other living beings.  This phenomenologically inspired philosophy underlines the relational dimension of the subject and articulates a philosophical anthropology with a political theory that ultimately installs ecology and the animal cause in the heart of ethics and politics. In this work—part of the heritage of the Enlightenment but going beyond its dualistic and anthropocentric foundations—ecology and the animal cause are never dissociable from the promotion of a new humanism.

In 2020, Corine Pelluchon was awarded the Günther Anders Prize for Critical Thinking for her oeuvre. She has also been heard several times by the French Parliament, Senate, and political parties on questions relating to the end of life, the animal cause, and the ecological transition. For this theoretical and practical work, she was named Knight of the Legion of Honor in July 2021.



  • L’espérance, ou la traversée de l’impossible, Rivages, 2023. German translation forthcoming.

  • Les Lumières à l’âge du vivant, Seuil, 2021, 2022. German translation: Das Zeitalter des Lebendigen. Eine neue Philosophie der Aufklärung ,WBG, 2022.

  • Ethique de la considération, Seuil, 2018, 2021. German translation: Ethik der Wertschätzung. Tugenden für eine ungewissene Welt, WBG, 2019.

  • Les Nourritures. Philosophie du corps politique, Seuil, 2015, 2020. German translation: Wovon wir leben. Eine Philosophie der Ernährung und der Umwelt, WBG, 2020. English translation: Nourishment: A Philosophy of the Political Body, Bloomsbury, 2019

  • Manifeste animaliste. Politiser la cause animale, Alma, 2017, Rivages, 2021. German translation: Manifest für die Tiere, Beck, 2021.


Eco-Phenomenology and Existentialism in the Context of Climate Change


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