Bernardo Sousa Buarque

Research Scholar (Nov 2021-Apr 2024)

Bernardo Sousa Buarque holds a PhD in the economics of innovation from the University College Dublin. During his PhD, he worked for an ERC project entitled "TechEvo – Technology Evolution in Regional Economies," whose main objective is to understand how specific knowledge capabilities influence the evolution of local technology trajectories and thus shape the geographies of economic prosperity. Along these lines, Bernardo developed new tools to measure the competence of regions to produce certain technologies. Namely, using data from patents and scientific publications, he examined the creation and diffusion of artificial intelligence in Europe. Based on citation networks across knowledge dimensions, he also designed a selection dynamics model to explain the incidence of technologies across time and regions. At the MPlWG, Bernardo will work on a new project looking at the dynamics of socio-epistemic knowledge networks. Succinctly, he will collaborate on the development of an Agent-Based Model to study how scientists meet and interact, how they produce and accept new ideas, and how conferences, casual events, and many other factors help construct the knowledge networks we observe.


Socio-epistemic networks: Modelling Historical Knowledge Processes


The Formation of the Research Field of General Relativity—Social Networks and Semantic Modeling


The Role of Institutions and Commissions in Forming Research Agendas: Networks and Mass Digitization


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Selected Publications

Sousa Buarque, Bernardo, Mona Friedrich, Birgit Kolboske, Jürgen Renn, Matthias Schemmel, Juliane Scholz, Alexander von Schwerin, Sascha Topp, and Malte Vogl (2024). “Dimensionen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens.” In Die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft:…

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Past Events

Seminar Series

ModelSEN unSeminar—Agent-based Modelling of Knowledge Spread


ModelSEN—Socio-Epistemic Networks: Modelling Historical Knowledge Processes


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Evolving the Knowledge Space – Towards a Selection Dynamics Model of Patent Classes

Advanced Systems Analysis Seminar, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Evolving the Knowledge Space – Towards a Selection Dynamics Model of Patent Classes

TechSpace: Advancing Indicators of Regional Structural Change, University of Jena

My Kind of Town: The effect of regional specialization on inventor migration

Seminars in Economic Geography # 5, University of California, Los Angeles

Lecture on the behavioral economics of sustainability

Center for Sustainable Development, University of Brasilia