Andrea Střelcová in front of the MPIWG sign

Andrea Braun Střelcová

Predoctoral Fellow (Jun 2020-Mai 2024)

Andrea Braun Střelcová is a predoctoral fellow in the Lise Meitner Research Group China in the Global System of Science and a doctoral researcher at the Higher Education Group, Tampere University (Finland). Andrea studies the dynamics of global research cooperation with Chinese actors from the European perspective through three lenses: research policy, universities’ organizational practice, and academic mobility. More widely, her research interests include research and innovation policy, science diplomacy, EU-China relations, and the intersection of migration with science policy. Andrea is the recipient of “Early Career Researcher Best Paper Award” at the Triple Helix Conference 2022. Andrea’s work extends beyond academia as she is an experienced project manager with expertise in higher education management and international research collaboration. She regularly holds talks also to non-academic audiences and is in active dialogue with policy makers across Europe.

Before joining the MPIWG, Andrea worked as a university administrator at Charles University’s Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (Czech Republic, 2018-2020) and a research associate at the ESSCA School of Management’s EU-Asia Institute (France, 2017-2019). Prior to that, she was based in Beijing, at first at the EU Delegation to China and Mongolia (2011), later heading the China office of EURAXESS, the European Commission’s initiative supporting researchers’ mobility (2013-2016). Andrea studied Chinese at the National Chengchi University in Taipei and Beijing Normal University. She holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in anthropology of China and a BA from Charles University in Prague in international relations and area studies.


Internationalization or Centralized Control? Managing International Research Cooperation with Chinese Characteristics


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Selected Publications

Barekew Liche, Mesay and Andrea Braun Střelcová (2023). “The Pathway towards Triple Helix: Technology Development Evaluation in Ethiopian Science & Technology Universities.” Triple Helix 10: 12–39.

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Braun Střelcová, Andrea, Yuzhuo Cai, and Wei Shen (2023). “The Experience of European Researchers in China: A Comparative Capital Advantage Perspective.” Journal of the Knowledge Economy 14 (3): 2663–2691.

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Braun Střelcová, Andrea, Jelena Große-Bley, Fiona Anne Bewley, and Cao Cong (2023). Innovation, Infrastructure and Improvements in China’s Science System: An Interview with Cao Cong. Observations 12. Berlin: Max Planck Institute for the History of…

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Braun Střelcová, Andrea (2023). Return to Sender: Scientists in a Geopolitical Stress Test. Observations 14. Berlin: Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.

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Observations Series

Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Revisiting the Thousand Talent Plan: Chinese Talent Funding as a Science-Migration Policy Instrument

German Association for Asian Studies (DGA) Conference: Sustainability “Made in Asia”, Universität Rostock, Germany

Organizational responses in international research collaboration: Institutional arbitrage in a Sino-German Joint Institute

CHER (Consortium for Higher Education Research) 35th Annual conference, WU Wien, Austria

International Academics in mainland China: What do we know and what do we need to know?

CGHE webinar series (recording here), Center for Global Higher Education, University of Oxford, UK

Pathway towards Triple Helix: Technology development evaluation in Ethiopian science and technology universities

20th Triple Helix Conference: Innovation and development in the post-pandemic world, University of Florence, Italy

Series of graduate seminars and life-long learning lectures for staff on Chinese science and innovation policy

China Center for Cultural Studies in Science and Technology, TU Berlin, Germany

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