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Anna Siebold

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Okt 2023-Dez 2024)

Anna Irene Siebold is a doctoral candidate of history at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg where she is part of the PhD program Gestalten der Zukunft. Transformation der Gegenwart durch Szenarien der Digitalisierung. She completed her BA in Culture & Technology at Technische Universität Berlin and at the University of Copenhagen. In 2019, she graduated from Freie Universität Berlin with an MA in Art History. She joined Department I of the Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science as a Visiting Predoctoral Fellow to extend the work on her PhD project, in which she examines how digital media, as well as the technologies and methods that organize, analyze, and visualize them, increasingly shape historical writing practices. The PhD project is co-supervised by Matteo Valleriani.


The Analysis, Interpretation, and Mediation of History Using Digital Research Methods and Tools


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Selected Publications

El-Hajj, Hassan, Oliver Eberle, Anika Merklein, Anna Irene Siebold, Noga Shlomi, Jochen Büttner, Julius Martinetz, Klaus-Robert Müller, Grégoire Montavon, and Matteo Valleriani (2023). “Explainability and Transparency in the Realm of Digital…

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El-Hajj, Hassan, Maryam Zamani, Jochen Büttner, Julius Martinetz, Oliver Eberle, Noga Shlomi, Anna Irene Siebold, Grégoire Montavon, Klaus-Robert Müller, Holger Kantz, and Matteo Valleriani (2022). “An Ever-Expanding Humanities Knowledge Graph: The…

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Siebold, Anna Irene and Matteo Valleriani (2022). “Digital Perspectives in History.” Histories 2 (2): 170–177.

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