Abigail Lustig

Visiting Scholar (Jul 2018-Aug 2018)

Abigail Lustig studied history at the University of California at Berkeley, receiving the PhD in 1997, with a dissertation on botany and horticulture in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain and France. After postdoctoral positions at the MPIWG, the CNRS, and MIT, she taught at the University of Texas at Austin, 2004–2011. She is currently a lecturer at the ETH Zurich, and the coordinator of science teaching at the Ecole Européenne de Strasbourg, France. She has also been a co-editor of Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (University of California Press) since 2007. Her current interests lie in the intersection of history of science and science pedagogy as practiced in the classroom. She has published numerous articles in the history of evolutionary biology and natural history, particularly the history of myrmecology, and co-edited Darwinian Heresies (Cambridge, 2004).


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Evolution, History, Pedagogy