Tara Abraham

Visiting Scholar (Aug 2014)

PhD, Associate Professor of History, University of Guelph, Canada


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Theoretical Methods in Studies of the Nervous System, 1920–60


Selected Publications

Abraham, Tara (2004). “Nicolas Rashevsky’s mathematical biophysics.” Journal of the History of Biology 37 (2): 333–385.

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Abraham, Tara (2003). “Integrating mind and brain: Warren S. McCulloch, cerebral localization, and experimental epistemology’.” Endeavour 27 (1): 32–36.

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Abraham, Tara (2003). “From theory to data: representing neurons in the 1940s.” Biology & Philosophy 18 (3): 415–426.

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Abraham, Tara (2002). “‘(Physio)logical circuits: The intellectual origins of the McCulloch-Pitts neural networks.,’” 2002.

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