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Dec 3, 2020
Online Event: Einstein Lecture Dahlem Special 2020 (in German)

This year's online special event is dedicated to a major topic that has become particularly important this year. Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius, Director at the Alfred Wegener Institute and winner of the Communicator Award 2018, and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Renn, Director at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science and expert on Albert Einstein, discuss new and past demands on science communication with Prof. Dr. Günter M. Ziegler, President of Freie Universität Berlin and winner of the Communicator Award 2008. Impressions of Einstein's life accompany and inspire the discussion.


About This Series

The Einstein Lectures Dahlem, hosted by Freie Universität Berlin since 2005 in partnership with several external institutions, are dedicated to the epochal work of Albert Einstein. Einstein was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics for almost two decades.

Since 2017, this first-rate-interdisciplinary colloquium is hosted in cooperation with Max Planck Society, the successor of Kaiser Wilhelm Society.

The lectures are held in Dahlem, a district in Berlin that is traditionally a center of scientific research. They address a broad academic public and cover various scientific disciplines influenced by Einstein’s thinking.

Cooperation Partner(s)

Freie Universität Berlin

Einstein Lecture Dahlem Special 2020 (in German)