Tracy Wietecha

Postdoctoral Fellow (May 2021-Jul 2023)

Tracy Wietecha is a doctoral candidate in philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. Her area of specialization is medieval philosophy. She is currently finishing her dissertation on Albert the Great’s two ethical commentaries, Super Ethica and Ethica. Her study examines the formation of the human being needed to reach a fully actualized human nature in Albert’s analyses of the rusticus, the youth, and the expertus in his two ethical commentaries. She shows the invaluable importance of Ethica as Albert’s complete account of ethics in relation to his Aristotelian commentary project.

Tracy has a master’s degree in the history of philosophy from Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and a master’s degree in theology from Sacred Heart Major Seminary (Detroit, Michigan). Her current research project at the Max Planck Research Group “Experience in the Premodern Sciences of Body & Soul” investigates the role of the sense of hearing in acquiring the experience required to be a subject of ethics in Albert the Great’s account of the science of ethics.

Tracy is the 2020 Lorenz-Bausch Fellow at the Leopoldina National Academy of Science in Halle, Germany. In August 2020, she will begin her fellowship on her new research project, “German Scientists, Their Observationes, and Institutional Ties to the New World in the Seventeenth Century.” In fall semester 2020, she will teach a course on Medieval Conceptions of Happiness at Bard College Berlin.



  • “On Method in Reading the De ente et essentia,” International Philosophical Quarterly 56 (2016), 155-170.


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The Role of the Senses in Albert the Great’s Doctrine of Noetic Development



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Visiting Predoctoral Fellow Tracy Wietecha receives Leopoldina's Bausch 2020 scholarship