Julia Sanchez-Dorado

Julia Sanchez Dorado

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Mar 2020-Jun 2020)

Dr. Julia Sanchez-Dorado

Julia Sánchez-Dorado recently earned a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science at University College London (UCL). Before that, she completed a MA in Philosophy of Science at UNAM (Mexico), and a BA in Media Studies at the University of Seville (Spain) and the Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart (Germany). Her research interests lie in scientific and artistic representation, modelling practices, creativity, and the formation of agreements and standards in scientific communities. Her doctoral thesis, entitled “Scientific Representation in Practice: Models and Creative Similarity” (2019), addresses the question of how scientific models succeed in providing fruitful representations of natural phenomena. She adopts a case-study-based perspective, analysing the cognitive resources employed by scientists during the design, construction, and calibration of models in engineering and geosciences. Julia’s current project at the MPIWG is part of the “Art of Judgment” research group (Department III). Here she looks at the way scientists formed and standardized “model judgments” in geodesy in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Her project also engages with the “Measuring the Earth” research group, as she will be making use of the archival materials of the “Digital Repository for the History of Modern Geodesy”.


Judgments of Similarity and Idealizations in Geodetical Practices


Measuring the Earth: A Digital Repository for the History of Modern Geodesy


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