Yin Paul Langevin 1931 China

Paul Langevin visiting Peiping in 1931. Source: The Eighty Years of the Chinese Physical Society. Beijing: The Press of Science and Technology of China, 2012.

Max Planck Partner Group (2018-)

Transmission and Interactions in Chinese Modern Physics

The objectives of the Max Planck Partner Group "Transmission and Interactions in Chinese Modern Physics" are to draw upon archival and secondary literature, as well as oral interviews and reexaminations of existing research studies. In doing so, it will explore and reconstruct:

  1. Transmission of knowledge in modern physics between China and other countries
  2. Relations between Chinese institutions and the Max Planck Society
  3. What these points teach us about the changing concepts of science and innovation in China and the West


Project Team

Physics China Max Planck

Members of Partner Group (L–R): Pei Yin, Jinyan Liu, Xiaodong Yin, and Huijuan Zhu.