Yuanmingyuan neigong zhuangxiu zuo zeli《圆明园内工装修作则例》 (Regulations and precedengts on interior handicraftsa of interior decoration for the Garden of Perfect Brilliance ),Qianlong, in Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage。From Wang Shixiang:《Qingdai jiangzuo zeli》(1)p5,Zhengzhou:Daxiang Press, 2000
Project (2015-2016)

Ruled and Ordered: Codifying Knowledge of Interior Decoration for the Qing Palaces

The fashion of endowing official representative halls and private imperial chambers with interior decorations such as ornamented wooden frames started in the Ming at the latest. When the Manchu Qing began to rule over China, they made the Han culture of interior decoration one of their areas of expertise, ruling and codifying. Interior decoration became part of the regulatory system of the Qing court; material uses and renovating expenses, names of designs, and so on became codified in specialized "Regulations and Precedents" (zeli 則例). The project investigates the knowledge-building and codifying processes as they are shown in the continuation and innovation, adaptation and discarding of technologies and designs of interior decoration over time.