Project (2016-2019)

In-Camera-Out: Moving Portraits

In-Camera-Out is a development of the project On the Camera Obscura, carried out by Montserrat de Pablo at the MPIWG 2013–15.


Montserrat de Pablo. Camera Obscura Portraits, 2014. Direct positive gelatin prints.

Montserrat de Pablo. Camera Obscura Portraits, 2014. Direct positive gelatin prints.

The portraits realized with the camera obscura were the first inspiration for the new project In-Camera-Out, launched by Antonio Becchi and Montserrat de Pablo in 2016. The idea is to bring to life some pictures, transforming the camera obscura into a camera clara where lights, static and dynamic images, in-out of talking heads, and narrative elements come together to produce Moving Portraits.

The long-term aim of the In-Camera-Out project is to create a large portrait gallery and a collection of Moving Portraits of MPIWG members and visiting scholars.

Henning Vierck, Ohad Parnes, Wolfgang Lefèvre, Ursula Klein, Jürgen Renn, Wolfgang Edelstein, Michel Janssen, Petra Schröter, Paolo Galluzzi, Urs Schoepflin

Interviewees: Henning Vierck, Ohad Parnes, Wolfgang Lefèvre, Ursula Klein, Jürgen Renn, Wolfgang Edelstein, Michel Janssen, Petra Schröter, Paolo Galluzzi, & Urs Schoepflin.

Short Film: Spring 1994

April 10, 2019

The short film "Spring 1994" (2019) is part of the In-Camera-Out project and was prepared for the celebration of the 25th anniversary (1994–2019) of the foundation of the MPIWG. It is dedicated to people who worked at the MPIWG since the very beginning and/or were directly connected to its foundation.

The film was presented at the event "Leonardo da Vinci. An Inquisitive Man: Technologist, Scientist and Artist" (April 10, 2019).

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