Into the Kn/own/

Welcome to "Into the Kn/own/" – the podcast that will challenge the way you think about knowledge and its ownership. Host Emily Tsui takes her listeners on a journey behind the scenes of the volume "Ownership of Knowledge." In each bite-sized episode, she introduces one chapter from the book and delves into the captivating stories and real-life cases that fueled the research behind it.

Join her as Emily explores how the "kn/own/able" concept comes to life in various fields, uncover the big questions that continue to intrigue researchers and gain fresh perspectives on our understanding of knowledge ownership - from genetics to ethnography, from education to copyright law, and from ancient Chinese history to museum heritage.

This podcast series includes the following episodes:

1. Can Someone Own Your Genes?

The ownership of our bodies seems simple and obvious at first glance - but beneath, there lies a nuanced landscape. From immortal cell lines to patenting human genes, we explore some of the legal and ethical dimensions around knowing and owning bodily material in this inaugural episode of "Into the Kn/own/".
This episode is based on the book chapter "Ownability, Ownership, Knowledge, and Genetic Information in the United States" by Myles Jackson in the volume "Ownership of Knowledge. Beyond Intellectual Property".

2. An Ethereal Thread: Rethinking Knowledge Ownership with the Reite People

“Knowledge” is an abstract word. Yet, in our western society, we seem to have a mutual understanding of what it means when we talk about it. What is this common denominator – and what if it is radically challenged?

This episode is based on the book chapter "An Aesthetic of Knowledge: Relations and the Documentation of Traditional Knowledge in Papua New Guinea" by James Leach
in the volume "Ownership of Knowledge. Beyond Intellectual Property."
This volume is published under Open Access Licensing. Read online for free by clicking on the links above.



This podcast series is produced by the  Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.
Host: Emily Tsui
Editorial and Production Management: Verena Braun
Episode writers: Verena Braun, Nana Citron, Niclas Look, Soraya Memet, Lucy Ruth Salmon, Emily Tsui
Storyediting: Verena Braun, Stephanie Hood
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