Representation of Validity as Hitting the Target

Representation of validity as hitting the target, amended to signify the challenge of validating a moving target. Source: Altered from Creative Commons. © Nevit Dilmen CC-BY-SA

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Lara Keuck

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Group photo of some of the members of the MPIWG RG Biomedical Sciences

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Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (11 Jan 2024-31 Aug 2024)

Affiliated Scholar (10 Sep 2021-30 Sep 2024)


The Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests Over the Twentieth Century

Predoctoral Fellow (1 May 2022-30 Apr 2025)

Assessing Certainty without Certainty: On the Use of Technical Tools for Assessing the Methodological Quality of Biomedical Research Data and its Role in the Emergence of Scientific Dissent

Visiting Scholar (1 Oct 2022-31 Aug 2024)


Testing Chemicals and Validating Tests: Regulatory Practices and Politics

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Dec 2022-31 Aug 2024)

Standardization in Post-War Life Sciences

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jul 2021-30 Jun 2026)

Scales of Validity

Affiliated Scholar (20 Apr 2022-30 Jun 2026)


The Impossible Science: A Critical Sociology of Pain Science

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2024)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2024)

Research Group Leader (1 Apr 2021-30 Jun 2026)


Practices of Validation in Biomedical Research

Visiting Scholar (14 Nov 2022-31 Aug 2024)

The Cooperation of German and Ukrainian Scientists in Agricultural Research (19th to First Half of the 20th Century)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2022-31 Mar 2024)


Validating Quantitative Constructs Before the Rise of Construct Validation: Historical and Epistemological Dimensions

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2021-30 Jun 2026)


Concepts as Technologies

Visiting Scholar (2 Aug 2021-30 Jun 2026)


Global Health and Biomedical Research in the Cold War Era

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Feb 2024-31 Aug 2024)

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Oct 2022-30 Sep 2025)

Dr. Dr.

Validating Laboratory Diagnostics in Medical Parasitology: Morphological and Molecularized Approaches Between Clinical, Epistemic, and Political Interests