SRB Podcast: Zoos and Animals in Eastern Europe and Russia

This podcast is the third of five episodes for Nature’s Revenge: Ecology, Animals, and Waste in Eurasia, the spring 2021 speakers’ series at the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Animals are strongly impacted by the Anthropocene. The presence of humans has fundamentally altered their lives and environment; we have used animals for labor, food, sport, commodities, companionship, and as objects of scientific knowledge. So what does humanity's complex relationship with animals say about society? And is there a particular inflection of these issues in Eastern Europe and Russia under state socialism? Tracy McDonald and Marianna Szczygielska provide insight on the transformation of animals into objects to be caged, shown, hunted, traded, and studied in Eurasia and globally.


SRB Podcast