Muslimische Universalgelehrte, die Blütezeit der Wissenschaften in der Islamischen Welt

Sonja Brentjes on the peak of Islamic research:
In a new audio feature by Deutschlandfunk Kultur, also available as an article, Affiliated Scholar Sonja Brentjes talks to Stephanie Oswalt about the scientific strides made in Islamic countries during the Middle Ages. Amongst the many remnants of the height of Islamic sciences are not only philosophies and medicinal discoveries, but also the development of systematic methods of experimentation and observation that were only applied centuries later in Europe. Brentjes argues that Islamicate societies and their knowledge cultures flourished into the modern era. In particular in the early modern period, intense relations of exchange evolved between a number of them and various states as well as scholarly communities in Christian Europe.


Deutschlandfunk Kultur, author: Stefanie Oswalt