New Section of De Sphaera Database Now Publicly Available

The Sphaera project (launched 2018) examines the information system that is intertwined with the historical backdrop of the book De sphaera by the medieval mathematician Johannes de Sacrobosco; those interested can get to the bibliographic information of many publications that contain or pertain to the book. The project involves the work of 22 people, of whom 14 are directly affiliated with the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.

Now, a new section of the Sphaera dataset has been made publicly available—the new data relates to text portions of the 359 editions that make up the Sphaera corpus. The editions were disassembled into text components and added to the existing database for the public to access, allowing for the first network-based analysis of this dataset to be published.

All records of this can be viewed through the Sphaera website.