Jürgen Renn and Manfred Laubichler on a New Epistemology of Science for the Public Good

Director Jürgen Renn and Visiting Scholar Manfred Laubichler, together with Guido Caniglia, Carlo Jaeger, Eva Schernhammer, Gerald Steiner, Federica Russo and Peter Schlosser, have co-authored an HPLS_logoarticle in the new issue of History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences on the contributions of Science and Technology Studies, the history and philosophy of science and the history of science for ongoing transformations in science. 

"COVID-19 has revealed that science needs to learn how to better deal with the irreducible uncertainty that comes with global systemic risks as well as with the social responsibility of science towards the public good," the authors state. Renn and Laubichler et al. argue that a new epistemology of science is needed that can serve the public good and adequately address the challenges posed by global systemic risks.