Fehlerbewusstsein ist die Essenz von Wissenschaft

Gerda Henkel Foundation's L.I.S.A. interviews Lorraine Daston on science and knowledge

"'What can one know?' This is one of the four famous questions posed by the philosopher Immanuel Kant. But before you can find an answer to it, you have to be clear about what knowledge is. Where does it come from? Is it science that creates knowledge? LISA Gerda Henkel Stiftung logoOr is it the other way round—is knowledge the driving force of science? Then what is science? And how reliable is the knowledge generated from science? Especially today, in times of many and great uncertainties, these questions are being asked again and again. Procedures, results, and recommendations for action from science are being passionately debated in public." 

The Gerda Henkel Foundation honors the work of Lorraine Daston with the Gerda Henkel Prize 2020. L.I.S.A takes this as an opportunity to talk to Daston about knowledge and science in the past and present.