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The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) has published its format “Research Topics” since 2008. Every six to eight weeks, researchers present individual contributions of one relevant aspect of their research or present a new research project. Since 2017, scholars at the MPIWG have been contributing to “The Conversation,” a public platform for research content related to current topics, which are accessible on this page. 

Latest Research Topics

No 71

Local Gazetteers Research Tools (LoGaRT): A Digital Resource for Researching Chinese History

Starting in the tenth century, Chinese officials—based on guidelines from the central administration—began to periodically collect data on local geographic, social, and economic conditions in t...

No 70

The Mask—Arrayed: An Interdisciplinary Project on the Materiality of a Covid-19 Icon

“The Mask—Arrayed” explores the material, technological, and cultural aspects of the most iconic artifact of the Covid-19 crisis: the face mask. In this interdisciplinary essay project, an inte...

No 69
Collage of recent global news headlines on the topic of China and science. Source: Yu-Fen Lai.

China in the Global System of Science

The global system of science has seen the unprecedented rise of one particular world region over the past two decades: the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has become the largest producer of sc...


Latest Articles on "The Conversation UK"

No 16

Terrorism: A Very Brief History

What is it that allows someone to be labelled as a terrorist? Recent acts of spectacular violence, such as the mail bombs sent to American anti-Trump critics, or the mass killings by Canadian “...

No 15

Poland's Wild Boar Targeted in Pointless Cull That Could Actually Spread Swine Fever

Most of Poland’s wild boars are being culled to stop the spread of African swine fever, a deadly viral disease that endangers farm pigs. The Polish Hunting Association was mandated to organize ...