Nov 21-22, 2019
Knowing an Empire: Imperial Science in Early Modern Chinese and Spanish Empires


Boltzmannstraße 22, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Main Conference Room
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2019-11-21T00:00:00SAVE IN I-CAL 2019-11-21 00:00:00 2019-11-22 00:00:00 Knowing an Empire: Imperial Science in Early Modern Chinese and Spanish Empires Program Thursday November 21, 2019 09:00–10:45              Introduction and Keynotes   Mackenzie COOLEY and WU Huiyi Opening Remarks: Imperial Science and Epistemologies of Empire   Dagmar SCHÄFER         The Local Condition of Global Sciences: Counting Raindrops with Qin Jiushao in 1247      Timothy BROOK          Knowledge Connection of the Early Modern World   Maria PORTUONDO      Reporting Doubt to the King: The Relaciones Geográficas, Knowledge of Nature and Local Imperatives     10:45–11:00                          Pause   11:00–12:30                 Imperial Geography: Defining the Genre Chair: Dejanirah Couto                                   Commentator: Maria Portuondo, Timothy Brook   Alexis LYCAS                        Eleven Roads from Turfan: The Xizhou tujing and the Development of Geographical Knowledge in Tang China   Samir BOUMÉDIENE    A Science of Proof. Some Reflections on the Use of Questionnaires in the Iberian World in the 16th Century   Joe DENNIS                  Defining the Local Gazetteer Genre in Ming China: Gazetteer Content and Compilation as Seen through Principles of Compilation fanli 凡例   12:30–13:30                          Lunch   13:30–14:30                 Digital Approaches to Early Modern Big Data Chair: Nungyao Lin Commentator: Ali Yaycioglu, Timothy Brook   Jeremy MIKECZ           From the Macro to the Micro: Combining Text-Mining and a Close Reading of the Relaciones Geográficas (RGs) of Peru   CHEN Shih-Pei             Using Local Gazetteers with a Collective Lens     14:30-14:45                          Pause   14:45-15:45                 Natural History Chair: Huiyi Wu Commentators: Maria Portuondo, Dagmar Schäfer   Mackenzie COOLEY              Animals and the Making of Natural History in the Relaciones Geográficas   BIAN He                       Politics of Local Knowledge in the Documentation of Medicinal Plants in Ming-Qing Gazetteers   15:45-16:00                          Pause   16:00-17:00                          Environmental History Chair: Mackenzie Cooley Commentators: Dejanirah Couto, Dagmar Schäfer   Vera CANDIANI            Common Knowledge, or How Peasant and Plebeian Know-how Shaped the Spanish Empire   CHE Qun                       Hydraulic Works and Environmental Transformation of the Dongting Lake in the Ming-Qing Period              Friday November 22, 2019 09:00-10:00                   Cartography and Geography Chair: Nungyao Lin Commentators: Maria Portuondo, Dagmar Schäfer   Barbara MUNDY            Mapping New Spain: Indigenous cartography and imperial knowledge Mario CAMS                 Measured Maps: Representations of Imperial Space in ‘General Gazetteers’                           10:00–10:15                          Pause   10:15–11:15                          Indigenous Knowledge 1: Language, Identity, Expertise                                    Chair: David Pretel                                    Commentators: Maria Portuondo, Dagmar Schäfer   Kelly MCDONOUGH       Health, the Body, and the Natural/Supernatural World in the 1577 Relaciones geográficas   Mårten SÖDERBLOM SAARELA              Local Linguistic Knowledge in Qing Gazetteers                             11:15–11:30                          Pause   11:30–12:30                          State Control and Ways of Living                                    Chair: Shih-pei Chen                                    Commentators: Ali Yaycioglu, Tim Brook   ZHANG Xianqing           Telling the Story of Religion: Local Gazetteer (difangzhi), Native Discourse and Traditional Chinese Religion World   Stuart MCMANUS         Knowing Early Modern Slavery: Towards a Connected and Comparative History of Slavery in the Americas and China     12:30–13:30                 Lunch   13:30–14:30                          Connections and Transmission                                    Chair: Mackenzie Cooley                                    Commentator: Dejanirah Couto, Tim Brook   YAN Niping                  Transpacific Connections: The Boxer Codex and Genres of Data-Collection   WU Huiyi                      Early Modern Globalisation in Chinese Local Gazetteers (16th-18th Century)     Pause 14:30-15:00   15:00–16:00                          Beyond China and Spain                                    Chair: Sonja Brentjes   Ali YAYCIOGLU           Science of Empire: Registry, Secrecy, and Sanctity in Ottoman Imperial Knowing                                              Dejanirah COUTO         Global Knowledge, Science and Miscegenation in the Portuguese Empire (16th-18th Centuries)   16:00–17:00 Roundtable Discussion     MPIWG Mackenzie Cooley (Cornell University)Huiyi Wu (Needham Research Institute) Shih-Pei Chen admin@example.com Europe/Berlin public