Fig. 1: Werner Heisenberg presenting his "Weltformel" at the 1958 Planck Centenary in West Berlin. Source: DPA.


History for Physics

Symposium Series (2019)


Bernadette Lessel or Flavio Del Santo



The Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Vienna (IQOQI-Vienna) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Research Group Historical Epistemology of the Final Theory Program of the MPIWG in Berlin are organizing a series of symposia on the history for physics. This initiative aims at demonstrating the importance of the history of physics for current research in physics itself

To forward this agenda, the core format will be that of tandem talks. Each tandem will pair two talks, one given by a physicist on a current research topic, the other given by a historian of physics providing the historical context to this topic. Every tandem will be followed by a discussion. In addition to the tandems, there will be a panel discussion on the role of the history of physics in both research and in academic structures.


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What Do Historians of Physics Do—and Why Should Physicists Care about it?

Arianna Borrelli

Why Are There So Many Theories of Quantum Gravity?

Alexander Blum

History for Physics: Quantum Gravity

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History for Physics: Quantum Foundations

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