Mediathek Event
Nov 28-29, 2019
History for Physics: Why Are There So Many Theories of Quantum Gravity?

In this screencast during the History For Physics Conference on November 28/29, 2019, Alexander Blum presents an inquiry into the historical origins of the diversity of approaches to quantum gravity. Rather than focusing on specific programs, he investigate three main historical processes of division: The emergence of different formalisms for constructing a quantum theory (quantization procedures), the different attitudes toward the role of quantum gravity within physics (final theory or mere consistency check), and the emergence of different specialized communities within the discipline of physics in the course of the twentieth century (in particular the establishment of the high-energy and general relativity/gravitation communities in the 1950’s). How can an understanding of the origins of these divisions and the original arguments help physicists in assessing the current status of quantum gravity?

Why Are There So Many Theories of Quantum Gravity?