Dirk Wintergrün

Research Scholar
Dipl. Phys.
since January 1, 2000

My main focus is on developing, coordinating and managing digital projects which support research in the history of science.

I am involved in designing and implementing most of the current digital projects of the Max Planck Institute of the History of Science (which can be seen at the institutes homepage). My work covers design of databases, service development and more recently conceptual work on the structure of data and metadata for longterm accessibility and interoperability of databases as research outcomes in the history of science. A new field, which I am interested in, is the use of semantic modeling, network analysis and text mining tools to analyze historical data. I am also working in methods how to model historical processes utilizing semantic web standards like CRM. In this context I am working on a case studies in the context of the project on the History of the Max Planck Society and on the project of the administrative documents of the Opera Del Duomo.

I am researching the implication digital tools have on the work of the scholar in the field and which tools and skills are necessary for the optimal use of digital media in research.


Selected publications: 

Casties, R., & Wintergrün, D. (2015). Bilder als Quelle in TextGrid. In H. Neuroth, A. Rapp, & S. Söring (Eds.), TextGrid: von der Community – für die Community; eine virtuelle Forschungsumgebung für die Geisteswissenschaften (pp. 153-163). Glückstadt: Hülsbusch.

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Renn, J., Schoepflin, U., Wazeck, M., & Wintergrün, D. (2002). The classical image of science and the future of science policy. In Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Max Planck Society (Ed.), Innovative structures in basic research: Ringberg-Symposium, 4 - 7 October 2000 (pp. 11-21). München: MPG.

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Wintergrün, D., Renn, J., Lalli, R., Laubichler, M., & Valleriani, M. (2015). Netzwerke als Wissensspeicher. Berlin: Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte.

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Bulatovic, N., Saquet, B., Schlender, M., Wintergrün, D., & Sander, F. (2015). Digital Scrapbook – can we enable interlinked and recursive knowledge equilibrium?. Berlin: Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte.

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