Sound cage for experiments in sound localization, in Matataro Matsumoto, “Researches on Acoustic Space,” Studies from the Yale Psychological Laboratory, 5, 1897, 1–75: 3.


Epistemes of Modern Acoustics

Research Group Leader Viktoria Tkaczyk

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"Epistemes of Modern Acoustics" Research Group

"Epistemes of Modern Acoustics" Research Group. Photo: Hartmut Kern, 2018.

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Researchers 2018–19

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Mar 2020-31 Jul 2021)

Engineered Modernity: A Critical History of Computing in People's Republic of China

Postdoctoral Fellow (15 Sep 2020-14 Sep 2021)


Changes, Continuities, and Innovations in Music Theory and Musical Thought in Early Medieval China, 316–581 CE

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Jul 2020-15 Mar 2021)

The Use and Reuse of Paper in the Humanities

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2020-28 Feb 2021)

Thinking with Sound: New Agendas in the Sciences and Humanities around 1900

Predoctoral Fellow (1 May 2020-30 Jun 2021)

Collecting Ears: Marin Mersenne and the Study of Music in Early Modern Europe

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (20 Aug 2020-31 Mar 2021)

Dr. Des.

Store and Retrieve. Reorganizing Libraries and Book Flows in Post-War Germany

Senior Research Scholar, Head of Cooperation and Communication (Since Jan 2008)


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