Trym A. Eiterjord

Trym Aleksander Eiterjord

Predoctoral Fellow (Jul 2020-Jun 2023)

Trym studied social anthropology and Chinese studies at the University of Oslo, and completed his MA in 2019. His thesis involved a study of the role of research vessels in China’s foreign policy in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Trym’s PhD project deals with the political geography of the earth sciences in the Arctic region and how twenty-first century global politics is shaping how the geophysical sciences are done, with a particular focus on China. His research interests also include actor-network theory, the geography of science, Arctic and Polar Studies, and the role of science and technology in international relations more broadly. At the MPIWG, Trym is a Predoctoral Fellow and a member of the Lise Meitner Research Group China in the Global System of Science. He is also a Research Assistant at The Arctic Institute, an Arctic policy and research organization based in Washington, DC.


The Geopolitics of Chinese Arctic Research


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Selected Publications

Eiterjord, Trym (2022). “What Does Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Mean for China in the Arctic?” The Diplomat March 25, 2022 (March).

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Eiterjord, Trym (2022). “China não assume aliança com a Rússia, mas do lado ucraniano é que não está.” Expresso, April 6, 2022.

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Eiterjord, Trym (2021). “How a Chinese Sailboat Became a Microcosm for Arctic Geopolitics.” The Diplomat October 18, 2021 (October).

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Research Workshop

Seeing Red: Theorizing the Intersection between Scientific Infrastructure and Geopolitics


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Trym Aleksander Eiterjord cited in Expresso article on China, Russia, and academic research


Research Workshop "Science, Foreign Policy, and the PRC" (Deadline July 20, 2021)