Michael Stanley-Baker

Postdoctoral Fellow (Feb 2017-Aug 2017)


Michael Stanley-Baker specializes in the history of Chinese medicine and religion, particularly Daoism.  He received his PhD from University College London, and has worked and studied at Indiana University, Bloomington; Academia Sinica, Taipei; and the Needham Institute, Cambridge.  He has done fieldwork with healers in Taiwan and China, and also has a clinical degree in Chinese medicine from Ruseto College, Boulder CO. He currently serves as treasurer on the council of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicines, and as an associate of the UCL China Centre for Health and Humanities.


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Charting Interior and Exterior Worlds: Towards a Social Geography of Medieval Chinese Healthcare


Mapping Drugs across Epistemic and Geographic Domains in Early Medieval China


Mapping Drugs in Early Medieval China


Selected Publications

Stanley-Baker, M. (2019). Health and Philosophy in Pre- and Early Imperial China. In P. Adamson (Ed.), Health: A History (pp. 7-42). New York: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/oso/9780199916429.003.0002.

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Stanley-Baker, M., Chen, S.-P., Chang, T., Tu, H.-c., Hung, J., & Hung, I.-m. (2019). Ben cao jing ji zhu 本草經集注. Taipei: National Taiwan University Press. doi:10.6681/NTURCDH.DB_DocuSkyBencaojing/Text.

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Onaga, L., Buhrman, K., Szendi-Schieder, C., Kang, Y., Cheung, S. Y., Teo, G., Ting, G., Chihyung, J., Smith, N. M., & Stanley-Baker, M. (2020). Statement: The New Teach311 + COVID-19 Collective. Teach311 + COVID-19, (31.03.2020).

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Stanley-Baker, M. (2019). Daoing Medicine: Practice Theory for Considering Religion and Medicine in Early Imperial China. East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine, 50, 21-66. doi:10.1163/26669323-05001004.

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Sacred Cures: Situating Medicine and Religion in Asia


Unusual Lives: Historicizing Life as a Problem of Knowledge


Studies of Knowledge in Eurasia and Africa: Issues of Methodology and Future Perspectives


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Tracking Material Practice: Searching for Situated Knowledge of Asian Drugs in Medieval Chinese Religious Texts
跟踪物質實踐: 搜索情境化的亞洲醫藥知識與中國中古宗教文獻為例

7th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities 2016

New Digital and Critical Tools for the History of Medicine and Religion

Wellcome Library History of Premodern Medicine Seminar

Transforming the Archive: Digital and Critical Tools to for Situating Medicine in the Daoist and Buddhist Canons

American Association of Asian Studies, Toronto

Transforming the Archives of Chinese Medicine and Religion

Stanford DHAsia Residency