Imad Samir

Visiting Scholar (Jul 2016-Jan 2017)

PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Damascus, Syria

Imad Samir is a Visiting Scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, where he works on the English translation of al-Khazini's 11th-century Balance of Wisdom book. He is also a research associate at the Department of Ancient Oriental Studies at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena for the project "Etymological Dictionary of Akkadian," and translatorof the scripture "al-āla allatī tuzammir bi-nafsihā" of Banū Mūsā.


A Book on al-Khazini’s Book on the Balance of Wisdom


Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative Project (CDLI)


Scholarly Networks in the Islamic World between the Eighth and Thirteenth Centuries


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Selected Publications

Samir, I. (2015). Banu Musa ibn Shakir: A programmable universal musical automaton: two translations. In S. Zielinski, & P. Weibel (Eds.), Allah's automata: artifacts of the Arab-Islamic renaissance (800-1200) (pp. 68-86). Ostfildern: Hatje…

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Samir, I. (2008). (in Arabic) Nechao II. The Arab encyclopaedia, 20, 531-532.

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Samir, I. (2008). (in Arabic) Nergal. The Arab encyclopaedia, 20, 563-564.

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Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Classification of the Language of Ebla

The International Conference on the ِAncient Near Eastern Scripts and Languages. Damascus University, Department of History

Akkadian Language; Culture and History of the Ancient Near East; The Archaeology of Mesopotamia and Syria

Damascus University, Department of History