Calvin Yeh

IT Developer (Mar 2017-Mar 2019)

Calvin Yeh is an IT developer for the Local Gazetteers project (LoGaRT) in MPIWG's Department III.

In LoGaRT, he has improved considerably the Chinese full text search performance and is gradually refactoring the existing monolithic architecture to micro service for more reliability, scalability, and availability.

Prior to coming to MPIWG, he was a chief software developer at Xinosys, a Taiwanese IT firm, where he independently developed Patisco, a web service for middlemen. Since then, Patisco has been supporting over 700 companies spread throughout North America, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan. During his time in the private sector, Calvin engaged in software community activities. Furthermore, he recruited new team members and led the team to develop mobile solutions.


"Tu (圖)" in Local Gazetteers


LoGaRT: Local Gazetteers Research Tools


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Tu (圖) in Local Gazetteers

Digital Humanities Workshop

From Local Gazetteers Project to Asia Network: Working with Licensed Materials in Digital Humanities