book cover Lucía Lewowicz: Lemco. Ein Koloss der Fleischindustrie in Fray Bentos, Uruguay (2017)
LEMCO : un Coloso de la Industria Cárnica en Fray Bentos, Uruguay ; The Meat Industry’s Colossus in Fray Bentos, Uruguay

The publication tells the story, unknown to the general public, of the foundation of a unique scientific enterprise that existed sixty years before Frigorífico Anglo (meatpacking plant) of Fray Bentos began to operate exactly on the premises where LEMCO (Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company) was located.

The entrepreneurial vision of a group led by Engineer Georg Christian Giebert captured the ideal conditions of this territory for the production of meat extract whose formula had been developed by the great German chemist, Justus von Liebig.

The story is the result of extensive research which has not yet concluded and which the historian and philosopher of this science, Lucia Lewowicz of the University of the Republic of Uruguay started five years ago with the support of Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung and the Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, both from Germany.

Lucia Lewowicz invites readers to focus on the people who undertook this adventure that transformed its factory in Fray Bentos into the first transnational meatpacking company known by mankind.

Since then Uruguay began manufacturing high value added meat products, supported by scientific and technological research and standing out from the traditional extractive exploitation of raw materials in the Americas.

INAC has encouraged the publication of this book because it identifies the most important features of how the country conceives agroindustrial production processes, which are today the basis of the national agricultural strategy such as the value added from primary to commercial production, innovation, scientific support and development of sustainable projects based on renewable raw materials in equilibrium with the environment.

Zona Editorial completes the team that worked on the edition of this publication, its design and the selection of fonts and images that illustrate the story and immerse the reader in the sensitivity of the 19th century.

The book has the ability to see a labeled meat extract container in augmented reality, which comes from an original one used in 1864.

The current graphic edition is bilingual in Spanish-English. Soon there will be a digital version available in PDF and in the coming months a new edition in English-German.

INAC Montevideo
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