Kugel Globe

The Kugel Globe, Nicolas and Alexis Kugel collection 

This project explores visualizations of the cosmos in writing and objects in the Western Mediterranean region during Hellenistic times (ca 300 BCE to 400 CE). According to Tina Mastorakou's working hypothesis, during the Hellenistic period a big change occurred in the way astronomical knowledge was disseminated, which is showcased by the first complete written extant star map in the astronomical poem Phaenomena by Aratus and a 3D object (celestial globe) depicting the constellations. Mastorakou's goal is to reveal how ancient celestial imagery was shaped and stabilized through poetry, art, and politics and what role did this play in the development and transmission of astronomy and astrology. Through collaboration with other members of the team who are working on different periods and cultures she hopes to reveal the way that people saw and depicted the sky and how through this celestial imagery astronomical knowledge was transformed and transmitted in space and time.