book cover: Philip Kitcher: The Ethnical Project (2014)

Philip Kitcher, The Ethical Project (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2014).

Project (2018)

Moral Progress

In several recent articles, I have been attempting to articulate a coherent account of concepts of progress. These articles build towards a book, currently very much a work-in-progress, tentatively entitled Progress, Truth, and Values. This projected book aims to elaborate more systematically some of the ideas developed in Preludes to Pragmatism, thereby working out a version of Deweyan pragmatism appropriate to the twenty-first century. The more general views on which I am working are given more specific shape in two shorter book projects. The first of these, already given as a lecture series at Case Western Reserve University, on “Education and Democracy,” will be expanded as a volume for Oxford University Press. The second, on “Moral Progress,” is to be presented in a new lecture series, the Munich Lectures in Ethics, in June 2019.  My aim during my stay at the MPIWG is to complete a draft of these lectures (which are, under the conditions of the series, subsequently to be published).