LMRG_MPIWG Library Photo

MPIWG Library. Photo Credit: Yu-Fen Lai 

Project (2020-)

The LMRG Zotero Project: A Public Reference Library on "China in the Global System of Science"

The LMRG Reference Library is an open Zotero database dedicated to the wider topic of “China in the Global System of Science.” This curated selection offers a glimpse into the wealth of research literature and other material consulted by members of the Lise Meitner Research Group in their collective projects. The library can be accessed as a whole and is organized into subtopics. Viewers can also make use of an extensive list of curated keywords to locate and compile literature lists.

The public bibliographic database will be updated constantly and will grow gradually. It is managed by Ching-Yang Lee, LMRG Research Assistant.