Plastisphere podcast cover

In her podcast series Plastisphere, Anja Krieger explores the relationship between plastic, people, and the planet.


The Discovery of the Plastisphere—a History of Science of Plastic Pollution

This research and podcast project by guest researcher and journalist Anja Krieger deals with the environmental issue of plastic pollution, which has recently become a top concern in media, politics,  and public perception. The potential impacts of the increased consumption of plastic, however, started to be recognized much earlier. It took decades until reports of floating plastic in the ocean shook up the public. This rise in public attention has led to a growing number of media reports and scientific studies, and a wide range of projects being launched by scientists and non-governmental organizations, political actors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Alongside the science, a search for solutions began. In her research for the Plastisphere series, Anja looks at how the issue rose to the surface, and at the co-development of new approaches to activism, research, debate, and solution.