book cover: Daniela Rosner: Critical Fabulations. Reworking the Methods and Margins of Design (2018)
Programs and Outreach (2019-2020)

Artist in Residence: Critical Fabulations, Reworking the Methods and Margins of Design

This project responds to the devastating range of unintentional consequences connected to material choices in technological developments. From the millions of megawatts of electricity expended for computing power, to the accelerated accumulation of e-waste, to the dangerous mining initiatives tied to the demand for precious metals, to the elevated levels of toxic metals that affect vulnerable groups across the globe, engineering disciplines face a crisis of ethics. In partial response, Rosner seeks to mobilize histories of material science toward the development of ethical pedagogical and practical interventions such as hands-on, participatory workshops. Focusing on computational practices, she hopes to expand the types of questions engineers and historians ask about the material sciences—explosing the vast geopolitical, socioeconomic, and environmental implications of engineering practice while foregrounding the embodied nature of historical knowledge production. In this dual attention, the project forges reciprocal connections between histories of science and engineering developments. It energizes ethical engineering approaches by grappling with their societal implications and broadens analytic techniques for reflecting on moments under-examined or absented from historical records. 


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Artist in Residence Daniela Rosner joins Department III