Project (2011-)

Scientific Relationship between Germany and Spain: Science, Technological Transfer, and International Policy in the Twentieth Century

The aim of this project is to analyze the concrete political and scientific framework in which the scientific and technical relations developed between Germany and Spain in the twentieth century. With this in mind, particular attention is paid to the analysis of the general influence of German science and technology on Spanish science. The collaboration between German and Spanish scientists and technologists has a long tradition; it was however much influenced by the political situation and international relations of each country. This was due on one hand to the special situation in which German science found itself after the defeat of Hitler's Germany - particularly in the area of advanced technology, where allied control limited research to a very small degree. On the other hand, exactly at this time Spain invested much energy in the rebuilding of industry and the modernzing of technology destroyed during the Spanish civil war. In the twentieth century, up to and including the 1960's, before the domination of the United States in Europe, Germany was the traditional scientific partner and technology supplier to Spain.