Project (2017-)

Opening up Data for Re-use: Semantic Modeling and Sustainability

The Department is involved in long-term projects that aim to make sources and research data openly available. To ensure the sustainability of these projects, a constant adaptation of the infrastructure and the formats used must be guaranteed. Semantic modeling of data based on reference models is on the verge of becoming the main approach to opening up data for re-use; this is achieved by embedding data into a knowledge graph that connects internal and external resources. To provide access to the  resources of the Institute, a data model for the digital assets of the institute, based on CRM, has been developed by the Institute’s library [link?]. The Department is developing ways to model research data so that it can be integrated; in addition to the project on the sphere (see above), the project “Gli anni della Cuppola” serves here as a test bed. A CRM-based model has been developed to store and retrieve the data in a semantically meaningful way. The website is being continually improved and a section providing essays based on the material in the database was recently added.